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Issue 1, Vol XXV
May 2017


The twenty-fifth year of the Mandelbrot Competition...
is on its way! Over the upcoming summer we will reboot the math contest that I helped to launch in the summer of 1990. In this latest stage of its evolution, the contest will now be produced by Proof School, where I currently serve as Head of School and lead math teacher.

Most elements of the competition will look familiar to returning participants, although we will take advantage of the reboot to modernize various aspects of our operation. For now, I will pass along just a couple of announcements.

We are considering an earlier start, in which three of the five rounds would take place in the fall months. Do you have an opinion on when the rounds take place? Please visit this form to record your thoughts. This very short survey will remain open for the month of May, after which we will announce the schedule for next year.

In an effort to relaunch as smoothly as possible, we will only be offering the Mandelbrot Competition next year, not the Team Play. We anticipate rolling out the Team Play during the subsequent 2018-19 school year.

Thanks, and best wishes for the remainder of the school year!


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