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Mandelbrot Competition Rules
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Facts and figures associated with the contests offered by Greater Testing Concepts are located in this part of the web site. Schedules for the year appear below, while other information can be accessed via the links above.

Competition Dates

Greater Testing Concepts will not be offering contests for a three-year period, until the 2017-2018 school year.  The schedule lists all the important dates associated with the Mandelbrot Competition. The schedule for the Mandelbrot Team Play follows beneath.

The 201314 Mandelbrot Competition


Contest window

Results posted


November 49

November 12


December 27

December 10


January 611

January 14
Four February 38 February 11


March 38

March 11
Contest registration opens
July 1, 2013
Mail delivery option
registration deadline
Oct 4, 2013
Electronic delivery option
registration deadline
Nov 1, 2013

The school coordinator administers the contest at any convenient time during the contest window, then retains all testing materials until that weekend. On Thursday solutions become accessible to school coordinators via their account. The coordinator grades tests and enters scores for each student at the web site. If a school has a conflict with one of the testing weeks, we ask coordinators to reschedule the contest for the week just before the regular week and contact us to obtain testing materials early. Proctors should retain all contests and students should refrain from discussing the  problems until the Sunday following the official testing week. For more detailed information regarding running the Mandelbrot Competition, consult the Instructions form, available at the Forms page.

The 201314 Mandelbrot Team Play


Contest window

Grading session
Results posted


January 618

February 1 February 4


February 315

March 1 March 4


March 315

March 29 April 1
Registration opens
Nov 18, 2013
Overall deadline
Jan 3, 2014

The school coordinator may give the Team Play at any point during the two weeks listed. After making copies, the coordinator then mails student responses to Greater Testing Concepts. A panel of graders will evaluate their papers on a Saturday morning, generally two full weeks after the contest window. Please note that the Team Play is open only to schools that participate in the Mandelbrot Competition.


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