Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to register for the contests?

The registration fee for enrolling in the Mandelbrot Competition at either the regional or national level is $35 with electronic delivery and $42 with mail delivery. The cost for participating at both levels is $50 with electronic delivery and $60 with mail delivery. (Read more about delivery options.) The basic registration fee for the Mandelbrot Team Play is also $35, with the option of enrolling up to two additional teams for $7 per extra team. There is a separate registration and billing process for each contest.

The coordinator enrolls a school for the Mandelbrot Competition at the Registration page. Greater Testing Concepts then sends an email confirming the registration followed shortly thereafter by an electronic invoice as a PDF file, which may be forwarded to a school business office or paid directly by the person registering the school. Note that the registration fee does not need to arrive before a school begins taking the contest in early November. A similar cycle occurs for the Team Play, with registration opening in mid November.

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