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What is the difference between electronic and mail delivery?

Beginning in 2010, Greater Testing Concepts is offering two choices for how contest materials are sent to participating schools. The first option is to choose mail delivery, which means that all contest materials (contest originals for all five rounds, welcome letter, scoresheet, administration guidelines, code sheet, and a set of four ribbons) will be sent via Priority Mail by the second week of October. The second option is to choose to download materials from this web site. Most welcome packet documents are posted on the Forms page, while the contest original for a given round becomes available for download beginning the Thursday before the week in which that round is scheduled. The test questions may only be accessed by registered coaches upon logging into their accounts.

Here are a few more facts to keep in mind when deciding between electronic and mail delivery.

  • The registration deadline for mail delivery is traditionally near the start of October, to leave time for assembling and mailing welcome packets in early October. Enrollment with electronic delivery continues through the end of October, until just prior to the first round of the Mandelbrot Competition.
  • The registration fee is slightly higher for mail delivery, to cover the cost of shipping and printing ribbons. Participation at one level, either regional or national, costs $35 (electronic) or $42 (mail) while enrolling at both levels costs $50 (electronic) or $60 (mail).
  • Note that tests are available via download for all coaches of participating schools, regardless of their delivery method. In other words, a coach could receive test originals by mail, misplace the round two original, and then download a replacement from the web site.
  • Solutions to the Mandelbrot Competition questions are not distributed ahead of time. (In particular, they are not included with the mail delivery welcome packet.) All coaches must download these from the web site, whether they have chosen mail or electronic delivery for the test questions. Solutions become available on Thursday of the contest week; coordinators must login to their Mandelbrot account to access the solutions.
  • Ribbons are only included for schools registering with mail delivery. Ribbons cannot be ordered separately by schools selecting electronic delivery.
  • Schools from outside the U.S. and Canada are required to select electronic delivery.

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