Frequently Asked Questions

Who may participate in The Mandelbrot Competition or Team Play?

Just about anyone that is interested. Students at public and private high schools from across the United States have taken part in recent years, as well as home-schooled groups and several schools from abroad, including Canada, Singapore, China, and Bulgaria. However, the competition is limited to students who have not yet graduated from high school. Furthermore, participation in the Mandelbrot Team Play is only available to schools or groups already registered for the Mandelbrot Competition. In other words, it is not possible to sign up for just the Team Play.

The large majority of students take the contests through their high school. A coordinator from the mathematics faculty registers the high school, receives materials for the year, prepares students for each round, proctors the tests, and forwards results and student papers. We welcome entries from high schools abroad. Please note that all materials are in English, and all payment must be in US dollars.

We encourage individual students who are interested in competing to begin by inquiring whether it is possible for their high school to register. The most important task is enlisting a math teacher who will coach the team as described above. It is also possible for home school groups and other academic organizations to register a team; parents of such groups should contact us prior to registering.

Questions concerning special arrangements not covered by these guidelines should be sent to Greater Testing Concepts via the Dialogue page.

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