Frequently Asked Questions

How many students per school may take the Mandelbrot Competition?

As many students may take the contest each round as the school wishes to arrange. The coordinator simply makes the desired number of copies using the original included with the welcome packet. For example, if the contest is given during school hours, entire classes may participate. Or the contest could be offered in the afternoon to all interested students in the school. The coordinator has a great deal of flexibility in deciding when and to whom the competition is offered during the week of each round, as long as all competitors work on the tests on the same day.

If a school registers for both the regional and national level tests, then prior to the first round the coach decides (perhaps in conjunction with the students) who will be involved at each level. Participating students must be assigned to either the regional or national level contest; they may not take both since the tests have several questions in common. As the national level tests are significantly more difficult, students may move down to the regional level and keep their cumulative scores. However, students may not move up from the regional to national level during the year.

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