Frequently Asked Questions

How do students find out their scores on the Team Play?

Every school is assigned a four-letter code at the outset of the academic year. Students taking the Team Play are then given copies of the Student Response Sheet on which to write their solutions. At the top of this sheet contestants indicate their team code, which consists of their four-letter school code followed by a single digit. For instance, a school with code BROT having two teams would write either BROT1 or BROT2 as their code. After each round a panel of graders meets to evaluate all papers and determine scores for the five parts of the Team Play. All scores are then posted at the web site, identified by team code. In addition, a comment from the graders will be included with the score for each part so that students can receive personalized feedback on their work. For this reason (and also because papers occasionally get lost in the mail) it is advisable for coaches to make copies of student solutions before mailing in their work.

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