Frequently Asked Questions

What algorithm is used to generate rankings for the Mandelbrot Competition?

The individual standings are created by first taking the ten individuals with the highest cumulative scores from each participating school within a given league. (This is done to ensure a more even representation of schools in the rankings.) These students are then ordered by cumulative score, then by score on the most recent round, and finally by last name. (In reverse alphabetical order!) For the regional leagues, cutoffs are determined for the three tiers by taking the score of students in the 40th, 90th, and 140th positions. (These are lowered if necessary to ensure that no tiers are empty.) The national level is larger, so we use students in the 50th, 110th, and 170th positions instead. Finally, all students with scores above the corresponding cutoffs are displayed in that tier.

To create the school standings, we compute two school scores for each round by adding together the top four individual scores for that round, then the next four  individual scores. For this reason each school may appear up to two times in the overall list. This list is then sorted in the same manner as above, with the upper three-fifths making the leaderboard and the remaining entries being displayed anonymously (by code) on the second tier.

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